family estate originating from Gallo-Romaine era, this traditional vineyard is located on th terraces of the Lot valley. In 1878 the Philloxera attack destroyed it.

From 1920, Edouard Sérougne, Alain Gayraud’s grandfather, courageous and persistent re-organized the vineyard thanks to some Malbec stocks that survived.

From 1930 onwards, at a time when the wine region was recovering, he then went on to motivate his few remaining colleagues to found the first union to defend the wines of Cahors.

He also became one of the group of 15 who revived the “Confrérie des vins de Cahors”.

 Edouard Sérougne, amateur poet, wrote these few lines in witness to this legend :




"Pur, de bonne famille ?D'Auxerrois et cépage de cru

 Comme de la jolie fille? On désire sa vertu..."